Sleep Debt

With the national debt crisis never far from mind, I can’t help thinking of the debts I’ve incurred – and here my mind breaks, because I haven’t slept more than three hours a night for three days, and thinking clearly seems a task too hard to ask for. For instance, I just wrote “to” instead of “too.” My past English major self cringes. Unmedicated, I might be able to go on for two weeks like this. But medicated me knows better, and

Presently, I am so tired:

I can’t see properly. dizzyswoopyscreenyscreenn.

Am pooping out on plans made with friends here in Philly because (I) get paranoid when I’m sleep-deprived that THE WORLD HATES ME and BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN

(Capital letters seem necessary only EGREGIOUSLY)

All I want to do is watch Meerkat Manor

Need to do something else because if i don’t do something productive i won’t sleep tonight and then i won’t do well at my interview tomorrow and then i’ll be upset and won’t be able to see my ex who is now a friend and what is that situation anyway? ….///(watch the forehead, it’s getting worrylines as I type)

Feel annoyed at everything, especially myself. Little sweat bubble of anxiety in my gut feelings as if it’s about to burst but simply just ripens.

…if you think that made any sense, I encourage you to try to get some rest as well…

[THIS ENTRY SHALL BE OF DELETERIOUS CONTENT] (music) which one is/not like the other(music) …

Bah humbug./bug out

2 thoughts on “Sleep Debt

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